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Yes Mark and Amanda, please rush me my Amazing Self Online Membership so I can begin my mastery of my weight and fitness goals, skyrocket my love life and relationship success, discover how to achieve incredible financial success, and learn how to apply key mindset fundamentals to achieve ANY goal I set for myself!

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What I will get in my Amazing Self course:

amazing self - motivational ebook
  • The Amazing Self Monthly Magazine
    Master your health, wealth, relationship, and mindset transformation through wide-ranging topics such as:
    - How to lose weight by thinking differently about food and exercise
    - Getting out from under the debt boulder
    - 6 ways to be more attractive right now
    - Manage your beliefs, master your life
    - How to NEVER diet again
    - Wealth creation 101
    - Attitude adjustments for maximum magnetism
    - Easy ways to change your mindset right now
  • self help motivational speaker mark joyner The Amazing Journey Session - An Interview With Mark Joyner
    In this interview best-selling author and founder of Simpleology, Mark Joyner shares his secrets to success in "How to get Weath and Achieve all your life goals." Listen to this audio interview and followup with bonus interview transcript!
  • 2 Abundant Wealth Series Videos
    Wealth generation guru Mark Ling provides the exact step-by-step blueprints you need to start generating massive incomes, huge profits and incredible passive moneymakers - even if you have no previous experience, education or special skills.

PLUS much more! Each each monthly edition is a complete step-by-step resource you can use immediately to manifest real change in your life!

, I also understand that because I'm taking this first step today, I will also receive the following special April bonuses:

  • 6 Guided Visualization Mind Movies
    Channel your mind and subconscious into positive ways of thinking thanks to this series of pre-made Mind Movies, designed to focus and energize your efforts in achieving your life goals. Make these part of your morning or daily routine and watch your wishes and dreams materialize!
    FREE if you order TODAY
  • Bonus Amazing Journey Session - An Interview With Marie Forleo
    The How to Achieve Mastery of your Health, Wealth, Relationships and Mindset bonus interview with Marie Forleo, is going to change the way you think about yourself, your success and the entire way you approach your life. Listen to this audio interview and refer back to key points with bonus interview transcript!
    FREE if you order TODAY


Remember, canceling your purchase and getting a refund is as easy as sending us an email via the online contact form within 60 days of purchase


How Does The Subscription Work?

Amazing Self is a monthly membership - each month you'll receive a new edition, which you access at http://amazingself.com/members. Each month you'll get the latest Amazing Self magazine in pdf format, Amazing Journey Sessions in mp3 format (so you can listen on your computer, Ipod or burn them to CD), and Abundant Wealth videos.

Like our product, we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of customer support. So if you have any questions or concerns, or would just like to let us know how you're getting on with your Amazing Self, don't hesitate to contact us using the link below.

Amanda Selby, Mark Ling, and the Amazing Self team