10 Reasons Why You Need to Laugh More

The time tested cliché of laughter being the best medicine has long been proven to be true. While doctors don’t actually put it down on their prescription pad, they do recommend filling your day with giggles and good vibes.

Here we give you 10 reasons why you need to laugh more…

It Lessens Stress

When you laugh, it relaxes your muscles, releases endorphins into the system, which also eases pain and promotes a general sense of well-being. When this happens, you lessen the tension in your body and results in a calmer you.

Spreads positive vibes

When you engage in light banter with friends and loved ones, you not only make yourself feel better, you help others do the same. It’s important to be able to infect people with good vibes whenever you can because you never know who needs it most at any given time.

Eradicates anxieties

Everyone worries. Nobody goes through life not caring and not minding the things, people and situations that surround them.

The trick is to find an outlet that lets you get away from those fears and anxieties even for a little while.

Strengthens bond with others

You have an innate need to connect. There’s nothing like a shared experience to increase your affinity with people. Sharing a few drinks, a few experiences, and the like grows your bond with the people you keep in your life.

Laughter is one of the most powerful tool to foster that bond.

Makes you more attractive

A smile has the power to change lives in an instant. Sometimes it’s the only good news one receives all day, other times it’s served to be what sparks love between two people.

A laugh is no different. It is the gateway to all sorts of positive things that could happen to you. Attracting the right people is one of them.

Better quality of life

It opens your mind and heart to learning more about life and what makes you happy. When you’re open to receiving happiness, you automatically make life better for yourself.

Helps you cope with difficulties

Laughter is actually the best way to cope with these things. Sometimes you can’t help how things go and when you run into a dead end, there’s nothing better than to learn to laugh about it.

No matter how painful or absurd it is, laughing helps.

Keeps your heart healthy

It can actually help save your life! It’s amazing what little health benefits something so simple can provide you. Recognizing humor is one of the things that helps keep stress from affecting your heart.

The more you’re able to incorporate humor in your life, the less likely you’re to be hostile and angry, which ultimately frees up your heart to feel more positive things. Hence, less strain!

Healing with laughter

The ability to laugh about certain things in life does something significantly good for you mentally and physically. As humans, it’s important that we are balanced in all aspects of our humanity.

When we are ‘broken’ somehow, we feel out of place in the world. Laughing helps us to heal by making us feel like everything is surmountable.


All these reasons considered, it’s just really a nice feeling to laugh your heart out.

Whether you’re doing it to forget something painful or to celebrate something awesome, it feels pretty much the same thing—remarkable. So laugh as often and as loud as you can because it’s nothing short of a miracle drug.

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  1. Laughing has been in short supply of late, always makes one feel better. Sense of humour really helps to lighten things up.

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