10 Qualities that Make You a Better Person

It’s important that we keep a checklist of the kind of person we are and the kind of person we want to be.

This will help us steadily improve ourselves and to notice when we have been acting out of our nature or when we’re veering away from the path that we set out for ourselves.

Listen to your friends and family too when they tell you who you are to them. It will give you a holistic view of your person. Aim to build a stronger you each day.

Here are some qualities that you should make a point to integrate in your character.

#1. Attentiveness

In today’s world, attentiveness is one of the rapidly decreasing traits in people. Technology keeps coming up with gadgets that force us to multitask and to shift rapidly from one thing to the next.

Now, it’s more acceptable, and at certain times, encouraged, to be doing more things instead of taking things slow and smelling the roses along the way.

We need to relearn how to be in the moment, how to value people by spending quality time with them and giving our undivided attention to the things that truly matter.

#2. Consistency

In life, we are constantly tested—our strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, character, and attitude. There’s not a second we live that we are not challenged by the Universe through people and situations.

We need to hold on to our principles tight and practice them at every chance.

Sometimes it’s not what we do, but what we don’t do, what we don’t say, that proves all we project of ourselves.

Try to be as consistent as you can in everything.

People respond better to those who are comforting to be around, and it’s comforting when you can expect consistency in someone.

#3. Decisiveness

Nobody wants to be the designated driver during a night out with friends, but that doesn’t mean it’s not necessary. It’s the same with your own life.

You need to be the driving force behind the wheel.

This is where your beliefs take center stage, and when they do, you better know how to act to support them. There will come different points in your life where you’ll be pushed to a corner to make a decision.

And when that happens, you need to be definitive.

Sometimes it’s the manner by which you decide the route that makes a difference. Learn to choose what is right in your heart, mind, and soul.

#4. Creativity

Artists are not the only ones with license to create. If this is what you’re thinking, then we might as well all be artists.

Even the most cerebral person has a touch of creativity inside them.

It may not create art or masterpieces hung in museums, but that’s not the type of creativity you need to hone.

In life, to succeed, you must find a way to view challenges from a different perspective. It is your approach to problems that make you an artist.

#5. Integrity

To have integrity in a society that seems to be pushing and pulling you in all sorts of direction will most certainly make you stand out.

You have to be whole and complete in your moral and ethical principles.

It is what makes you the kind of person you are and on a larger scale, the kind of person your friends will emulate, the kind of leader a group would follow, and if you have them, the kind of person your kids will use as a backbone to build the kind of people they will be and so on and so forth.

#6. Passionate

Your passion in life will be the gas that keeps you moving. It’s necessary that you feel strongly about some things and people.

It is your compelling emotions that will drive you to succeed. Your passion to live a good life will dictate your professional life.

The power of your love for someone will enrich your life and theirs. Everything worth doing and having is rooted in your passion.

#7. Respect

Even when you don’t like a person, that doesn’t mean you don’t respect them. Respect is about admiring someone for a trait or an ability they exemplify.

There are times when the thing we abhor about someone is what we wish to possess ourselves and we admire them for that.

For example, being able to say exactly what you mean, that’s not something everyone can do, and not everyone enjoys hearing from time to time, but the ability to do that is admirable to some.

Knowing how to separate your prejudice towards someone and your ability to respect them is a good thing.

#8. Candor

Speaking the truth at the time that it’s needed is an art to be mastered. You should always be aware of the nuances of a situation.

Feel the energy around you, sense the tone of the person you’re talking to, and know when it’s required of you to speak what you know to be true.

#9. Humility

You know you’re important. You’re significant, to yourself, to people around you, and to the Universe in general.

Be modest in expressing that significance.

There’s a thin line that divides knowing where you stand and pushing everyone aside to emphasize your place in life.

#10. Vulnerability

A lot of people think that leaving yourself vulnerable is a weakness. It’s actually not.

On the contrary, allowing yourself to be vulnerable requires strength.

Vulnerability is about opening yourself up to criticisms, to pain, and using them to guide you, not destroy you.

If you’re truly strong, you are able to bare your soul, not fearlessly, but knowingly.

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  1. This is a great list. There are things here that I haven’t seen before on similar lists. I would very much like to be associated with people like this. Other than myself, I only know one.

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