8 Ways To Boost Momentum

We often take a lot of things for granted in life, and our health seems to be one of them.

It’s important that we realize that with poor health, none of the other things that we busy ourselves with will matter. We won’t be able to wake up in the right condition, to work properly, to function at our optimum, or to have the energy to maintain our relationships.

Everything is rooted in being in good shape. Our array of excuses include not having the time to get some exercise in or to have the money to buy healthier food, but really, what we lack is enthusiasm and the energy to consciously make better choices.

If that’s what you need to get yourself in check, then here are 8 ways to boost your momentum.

#1. Diet 101.

The common misconception about diets is that you need to starve yourself. On the contrary, you need to eat more—more often, that is.

Eating only three big meals a day will only cause you to get hungry in between. Instead, opt for more smaller, more frequent snacking.

Eating about six times a day is better so that your energy level is maintained throughout the day.

#2. Inhale, Exhale

Breathing exercises will help keep your mood and your energy stable. We can’t always avoid stress in our everyday interactions with people and workload, but what we can control is our reactions to it.

By learning meditation techniques, you learn how to balance your emotions and to keep your stress level at bay.

Doing simple exercises in between activities like meetings or errands will help you reserve energy.

#3. Limit, if you can’t eradicate, bad habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking.

People often use alcohol and tobacco to release stress, but this is only an immediate gratification. These unhealthy habits will eventually catch up to you and drain you of the things your body actually needs to function well.

Alcohol dehydrates your body, which contributes to energy depletion. It will also have an effect on your sleep, and we all know that not getting a restful night’s sleep will affect your overall performance the next day.

Make the necessary lifestyle changes.

#4. Get a regular checkup.

It’s good to visit the doctor and check your status every so often.

Get physical exams and regular blood tests, specifically a thyroid test. Exhaustion can be a symptom of some medical conditions like hypothyroidism.

If you are frequently feeling tired even after a restful night’s sleep, you may have a thyroid problem. A simple blood test can determine this for sure.

#5. Substitute whole grains in place of sugar.

Choosing to eat better starts with knowing what your body needs. To be able to balance your sugar levels and prevent it from spiking and dipping too low, you need a better sense of what you put in your system.

Skip the sweet pastries for breakfast and choose a whole grain bagel instead. It will take longer to burn this energy.

Learn to use whole wheat for your sandwiches instead of processed flour and you will also add more fiber to your diet which most of us don’t get enough of.

#6. Power naps can boost your energy and productivity levels.

There have been studies on how even 10-min naps can help recharge the body for the whole day. Even if you’re in the office, you can devote a few minutes of your lunch hour to catching a few winks.

A brisk walk outside the office after dozing off can also help you wake up those sleepy cells and release more energy into your body.

#7. Fruits and vegetables should be a staple in your daily diet.

They infuse different kinds of vitamins and minerals into your system that help boost the production of energy and also to aid your body in different functions.

Choose different colors of vegetables to get a little of everything.

#8. Sleep is your best friend.

Your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep, regardless of your age. Some get by with only 6 hours, but their bodies are not as well rested as they should be.

Sleep is when your body regenerates and recharges to be able to perform at maximum level. If you scrimp on sleep, chances are, your body will give in before your day is done.

These are only some of the things you can do to boost your energy, but there are plenty more out there. Read up on articles that teach you other ways of doing this.

The natural, healthy methods are the best to follow instead of quick fixes like downing a few energy drinks or protein bars to do the trick.

Choose to develop better habits and those habits will make a big difference!

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