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Hi everyone,

I just came across this video by Simon Sinek (recommended by my friend Jason) and I thought it was really interesting.

In this video Simon teaches an audience all about how great leaders such as Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, and others, inspire action. Not just action from their employees, but action from their customers and supporters.

I recommend everyone watch this, whether you are in a position of leadership or not, this gives you the formula for how to inspire action in others so that they share your dream with you, and get behind you with full force, rather than simply looking at ‘what’ you do, and offering modest support.

I’m really keen to hear your comments.

Kind regards,
Mark Ling
CoFounder of AmazingSelf

27 thoughts on “Video: How great leaders inspire action”

  1. great speech and presentation. believe in something and it will happen. why? because that’s is the nature of things, the universe. it is a natural consequence. it is simply creation.

  2. Very well put – made sense & given me something to think about as to how I approach selling myself & my business

  3. The most moving video I’ve seen this year, possibly ever…….This really hit home for me, like I was suposed to see it today and watch it on ocation for the rest of my time here on the planet, to keep me on track. Thank you.

  4. Thank you so much, your video is very inspiring! I have been searching for a way to convey a message and have a clear path
    now. You are a good speaker (leader) and I appreciate very much the chance to watch this for free. I shall now act from the “why” as I realize now it is where the passion is. Thank you again, Namaste!

  5. Dear Mark

    I have been receiving mail from you for the last year or so.
    I got bored and stopped reading it.
    For some reason, maybe your opening, I decided to take a closer look. Boy am I glad I did. It’s been a long time since I found myself truly inspired by a peach as I found with Simon Sinek. I would like to thank you for that.
    Keep rocking


  6. This video is probably the most profound and powerful video I have seen in a very long time. It’s message is so practical and insightful, that if this technique is not used positively, it could actually cause a very big problem. Hats off and two thumbs up for this. Every marketer, online and offline, should be REQUIRED to view this!

  7. Hi,

    This was great.. I really, really loved this, since I was made to believe that I am ment to be a leader too. This video made me realize once more how important is to be who you really feel you are withing.
    You attract right people with your personal honesty and integrity and on soul level people just feel they can trust you and feel that you and tham have the same purpose.

    Actually, there are two ways to live and do things. Acting from false ego or acting from true ego.

    In words of great Vaishnav spiritual authority, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura Prabhupada, true ego sounds like this:

    “I am well. I am insignificant living entity and eternal servant of Sri Hari (The Supreme), guru (spiritual master) and Vaishnavs (pure devotee of Supreme person of Godhead).
    Their mercy alone is my only strength. They are factually my operator and I am simply their instrument.”

    On other hand, false ego sounds like this:
    “I am great. I am significant. I am Big. I am doer. I am enjoyer of everything. I can acomplish everything by my own strength.”
    Once again, thanks for the video,

  8. WOW. Mr. Sinek makes everything I’ve always felt/believed make sense.
    I believe it’s fitting that this was filmed on my 30 birthday. Thank you for bringing this to my attention Mr. Ling.

  9. 8th Wonder Woman

    I really enjoyed watching this video, it has valuable information that we all can use. Thank you

  10. It’s pretty powerful stuff. Whether you are a leader or not, it really makes you think about what motivates you to action.

  11. This is a great and enlightening presentation. I found myself following his message and was happy to view it to the end. Simon is a really great speaker and I am grateful for the lessons shared…Thank you!


  12. Thanks. I wondered what I was doing wrong. EXPRESSING THE WHY A lot of the time (I), go through the motions of just doing, not knowing WHY I do, what i do. I hope to apply a new way of thinking and acting in myself, family, and business. I am capable of doing and being a better inspiration for my family, and others. If I just trust and chose to believe more in myself and what I have to offer. Have a great day!

  13. Wonderful presentation . Especially every young person in America should view this presentation and apply the philosopy in their young lifetime I believe doing so would make him or her a more enlightened person.

  14. Thanks mark, a passionate presentation. I always knew that the WHY was important. Now I understand the biological pattern (why it works) and that makes it easier to implement. I loved it.

  15. I have viewed this Ted Talk previously.
    I admit it is refreshing to listen to someone talk about TRUE POWER!
    NOT Money, Sex, Toys, Image, Status and all the symbols that rise and fall.
    When people REALIZE that their POWER is developed within the individuated mind…. and resides there, is focused from there and is transmitted FROM THERE.
    When your true power is realized, symbols lose much of their allure.
    Money is ONLY A SYMBOL OF POWER( which being an invention of humankind it must be so), being amoral…. it is a useful tool and that is all.
    EVERYTHING YOU HAVE WAS GIVEN TO YOU PERIOD….. and it will be taken.
    I read the piece about the regrets of the dying, THAT IS TRUE POWER!
    ” Some become so seduced by the illusion, they will lay down their lives and kill brothers and sisters to preserve their own SLAVERY!” J.B.R.

  16. Very interesting subject! I believe that in order to become inspired by a leader you have to become a good listener, resonate by the same frequency/message, and most of all believe in what that particular leader believes in!

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