No excuses – Be thankful, be happy

Nick Vujicic has no arms and no legs, yet is thankful for what he has, not bitter for what he doesn’t have. He keeps getting back up every day and living his dream life, inspiring others, traveling and being happy.

Watch this video, be inspired, and never let any obstacles prevent you from loving and enjoying your incredible life.

As the video says “We are put in situations to build our character, not to destroy us.” Use challenges as an opportunity to grow and inspire others.


Mark Ling
CoFounder of AmazingSelf

28 thoughts on “No excuses – Be thankful, be happy”

  1. Always a favourite to watch this man and his heart’s courage to give, simply give.
    Always moves me one step forward…
    and my only frustrations in life have been about not being able to truly give my gifts as well,
    so he speaks directly to that.
    Best to you all,
    G Sid

  2. oooh my God,
    this is simply incredible – amazing , inspirational move in my life. i tell you what; i am not gonna be the same after this video and this does not require you to believe me or not – am deferent. And for you thank you so much and be blessed.

  3. Wow! What an amazing human being! I’ve been feeling sorry for myself and discouraged lately. Watching this I felt awe at first, then embarrassment (for my behaviour and self pity) and finially inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. wow…this ..his approach to life is just beautiful to watch…humorous and wishes for you, Nick,and a huge THANK YOU for being here to remind us how to never give up…!

  5. Thank you,i’m so priviledged to see this! Your wonderfull thank you and I hope one day I can give to others even a tenth of what you have
    given to me.

  6. it was outstanding .thank you so so much .very inspirational and admirable. Thank u that you remind people to be thankful for what they do have, their health, friends, family, joys and pains.

  7. He is always so great in his video’s and grant us strength to know that if you fall don’t give up for happiness seeks you just around the corner to live and love. I appreciate his gratitude!


    what a strenght he has –spiritual and physical to overcome all that ,even to demonstrate and teach people of real virtures!a great human being___ a real philantrope!GOD BLESS HIM!

  9. The absolute second I saw the subject title of Mark and Amanda’s “Amazing Self” e-mail: [Inspirational Video] – No Excuses…

    I knew it had to be a video of “Nick Vujicic”. Because there is NO GREATER inspiration in the world, nay UNIVERSE, than this wonderful human being.

    Whether we see Nick or another person that has a life challenge… We should all remember this little phrase: “But For The Grace of God… There Go “I”…”

    Saying that each time you observe or even have thoughts about someone with a life’s challenge, whatever that may be, will help us all develop and or hone our own empathy. And… Having such empathy can lead to tolerace that could lead to the kind of acceptance that puts a halt to all WAR! Since there have only been 26 “world-wide war free” years in the written history of mankind… What better goal than to aspire to add just one more “war free” year in our lifetime.

    Blessings to each and every one of you!!!

    And thank you to Mark and Amanda!

  10. Thanks be to God for my life, thanks be to God for my health and all other his graces and blessings unto me. Thank you Mark & Amanda, when ever i am hot you cool me, when ever i am tensed due to lack of one thing or the other you cool me down. may god bless you mark. i am thankful for whoever i am & what ever i am. Nicks life is a great lesson.

  11. Am so inspired by his video am going to stop feeling sorry for my self. And get out their and live life we only have one life.

  12. Wish I could have heard the video before it was taken down. Reading the comments there seems to have been quite a few that enjoyed and appreciated it’s broadcast.

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