14 Secrets To Attaining The Life Of Your Dreams

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This free downloadable pdf report contains a lot of powerful information designed to help you maximize your life success and get the secret that our top achievers have. It’s a great read and is full of life-changing tips and techniques. The reason we’re giving it away for free is because we’re totally committed to helping you become your best possible self.

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mark ling

Mark Ling

Co Editor, Amazing Self

84 thoughts on “14 Secrets To Attaining The Life Of Your Dreams”


  2. Very good report. Great reminders on how to live one’s life. We do need these because people tend to fall into bad habits so easily. Yes it it a reminder: these are not secrets. I feel it’s time someone finds another word for “secret” – the hype behind “The Secret” seems to have caused everyone to use that word to promote their products. It’s becoming lame. If I didn’t know you I would be running away from the word “secret” because the word irks me these days. Many people I know feel that way too.

  3. Thank you for all your “secrets” and for guidelines. I am sure, if any person puts in his/her mind that he/she can do it, can get it and be positive in his/her attitude, they will do it and get it and be successful. Simply one day you have to sit down and think about your life, where you are and where you want to be. Your 14 secrets are very useful. Thanks a lot for sharing. I do enjoy reading your report. Wishing you, your family and your team all the best.

  4. Many Thanks Amamda
    A clear, consise, practical article written with a loving gentleness that is easy to take on board. OK, so maybe some of us are already familiar with much of this material, however we are all human and we often forget what we ‘Know’ or get lazy about putting it in to action – this is a great re-minder!

  5. Amanda,
    I have just downloaded the pages, and you have already touched me with two powerful thoughts: that the missing secret to success is myself, and “if your life is not meeting your expectations it’s because you’re not being your best self.” I will begin this incredible gift of a journey that you have presented, and I thank you for making this available to the public. You are modeling what I want to become. Thanks.

  6. Hi, I have now downloaded the document and forward to read tomorrow after service but anyway thanks much welcome marcela

  7. Hi Guys !
    thanks for the free copy; haven’t read it completely yet, but the first chapters I went through gave me the Aha Experience.
    This stuff puts people (me also :)) on the right track again !

  8. I just read it last night…. and wow it’s really great… I have committed to practice in order to attain the secret….i want to continually receive lots of articles like this… it helps… it really helps… for for thought and soul….and i believe it will help you to attain your drream and make you a better person….

  9. Great material to teach my awesome kid’s! This is a blessing, I am having my service shut off today due to funds and I know that this will help me through this tricky time in my life!Thank you…

  10. Raymond Spashett

    The biggest lesson l have learnt so far is that although it is so important to give thanks and feel grateful it also shows us how important it is to share our abundance with others, and that it opens our hearts easily to give something back all the time in word and deed.

  11. Thank you for such encouraging and enlightening information. I am determined to create space for positive energy by ridding myself of physical and emotional ‘clutter’. The desire to be a better person is so much more fulfilling than merely striving for material wealth.

  12. Thanks for the book.
    I am already practicing a few Secrets – which I learnt from various books – such as THINK AND GROW RICH, and there are some new Secrets, which I am putting into practice right away.

    Shankar, India

  13. how are you!This was a really admirable blog!
    I come from roma, I was luck to find your subject in bing
    Also I obtain a lot in your Topics really thank your very much i will come daily

  14. Hi

    I am very interested in some further reading concerning the 14 Points.

    Is there a book/manual I can purchase?

    Thank you


  16. Great! Thank you! Just when i needed it. I agree with Sonia -Nov 29… Secret (for me) is not the optimal word -I prefer ‘Wonderful Information’ or ‘Great Ideas’ or something similar…. I’d also like some more ideas on how to achieve #10. Master Your Emotions.. I thought you emotions were very much primarily created by the thoughts you attach to the events in your life… Thanks again – keep up the good work!

  17. I do not want to seem like I am sucking up, although I just wanted to tell you that that is a great blog. I have been really trying so hard through the previous couple of months to actually repay almost all of my current financial debts so that I could possibly quit my job to be a blogger fulltime.

  18. As I read thru the book (with highlighter in hand) it really opened up my eyes and made me think. The information is written so well and the format is so clear.


  19. I have read the book, made copious notes (not only on the content, but my plans to turn my life around), and found it to be a wonderful little bible to take me forward in my life. I will diligently apply the lessons and become the abundant person I aim to be (in all areas of my life) – thank you for sharing this valuable resource.

  20. Rings with deep truth i can tell just by understanding that if applied these easy to read guide wil help me row gently through life merrily

  21. Thank you very much Mark….

    Though I get interesting guidance for manifestation ….. this 14 secret are give add on power to improve my positive thought and to create magic in my life….

    Thank you all and wish all to enjoy amazing life………

  22. Thank you very much Mark…

    Though I get interesting guidance for manifestation from you and Heather…

    This 14 secret are give add on power to improve my positive thought and to create magic in my life….. As I believe that everything we receives in life is helpful to us…

    Thank you all and wish all to enjoy amazing life………

  23. As a life success coach, educator and personal life trainer, I found these ideas to be wonderful guidelines that many of us tend to forget about from day to day. We get lost on the hamster wheel or the rat race called life, often times forgetting about our “authentic self” and neglecting what is most important in our lives. I almost found out the hard way as I let my life spin out of control some years ago, a train wreck ready to derail. Luckily I was able to see the signs before it was too late, resigned from the tireless job that made me unhealthy physically and emotionally and started my certifications in coaching. Once you master these “secrets” (most of which I have already studied and use with clients) and implement them into your own life, you begin to change your own paradigm, finding positivity everywhere along with abundance in every area of your life.

  24. Well I downloaded the book and to my surprise once I started reading it I didn’t want to stop. I truly spoke to me, thank you so much for giving me back what I thought I lost.

  25. Very valuable information. I had to re-read through some of the secrets again because I realized how important and pivotal they were to an ultimate life change, and needed to soak it up again. This was a relatively quick read, but one that can certainly be repeated to keep me on track. I greatly enjoyed the information presented.

  26. I joined manifestation Miracles yesterday morning. I’ve been pumping neuron building energy into my damaged brain on and off for years, in between bouts of substance abuse and various addictions. I’m 57 and still thinking like a 27yo. I want Wisdom. I want Direction. I want to be a Help. I want Wealth.
    I want to feel 27 but don’t want to think or act like a 27yo.
    Walking my dog this evening after a good 10hr day of work i love being able to do, asking the universe what is my destiny….
    I answered myself.
    The feeling of excitement in the knowledge and belief that this will now come to pass has my heart racing!!!
    Through reprogramming my mind I will manifest abundance in all areas of my life.
    I look forward to crediting some of my growth to what i will learn from this ’14 Secrets’ special report, stay tuned folks.

  27. Thank you Amanda, Mark and the whole amazing team who created this fantastic, Amazing Self special report! Your commitment to help others makes me even more committed to implement these tools for my powerful personal improvement! You are appreciated!

  28. After reading this essay, I started to think, well some of this was common sense. If that’s the case, then why am I not doing all these things on a daily basis? I think this was a good read and a good reminder of what should be done to bring positivity not only to ourselves, but also to others. Thank you.

  29. It’s pretty much the same stuff all of these so-called “gurus” recycle and claim it’s different. Not impressed and won’t be suckered into buying his next can’t miss program.

  30. 29/10/15 . . . hi fellow scholars just loaded my pdf reader
    with this all inspiring 38 pg report, waiting to review this report
    and post my comments

  31. I just read the contents and it truly motivates a person to go get their life in the right direction,,, Very Nice Book,,,
    Thanks ,

  32. Thank you for the book.
    Yes, it is good and yes, it is a very good reminder not to fall into bad habits over and over again. Its full of old age wisdom and yet, it’s nothing one does not know for himself.
    In my heart and head I know all these secrets, but in everyday life – how can one accomplish them?

  33. Thank you I have just down loaded so I can read, I am sure its going to be of great help towards my journey.
    Much appreciated.

    Kind regards
    Maria Kingi


    This seems to be very powerful. I’ll try with my best efforts, hope will see the results I expect

  35. I loved it , it really made a lot of sense to me I’m going to meditate on it every day just what I needed!!! Thanks you

  36. Elwood M Porter II

    Excellent material! Developing one’self is a journey, not a destination! Your points are well taken and should be well received by serious students of personal development.

  37. WOW … is all i can say!
    It is the most valuable & insightful book i have ever purchased.
    Each of the chapters has resonated with me & inspired me
    to become the person i long to be …
    I can’t wait to start my journey & become the IDEAL ME!
    Thanks so much for coming into my life!

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