How to Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Hi Everyone,

The subconscious mind is a powerful tool, not only in operating the everyday functions of your body, but also in controlling the skills you have and those that you have yet to develop.

Check out the video I made about training your subconscious mind to achieve great things in your life:

It delivers real food for thought about belief systems and how we can harness their power.

I welcome your comments.

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Amanda Selby, Co-Founder, Amazing Self

53 thoughts on “How to Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind”

  1. Wow that was wonderful.The sincerity in which it was presented gives me conviction of our abilities that we indeed may attract the positive things we would like to appear in our lives. God Bless you and thank you for this information.

  2. I really agree with what you’re talking about on this video.I’ve been told many times that repetition and visualization is the key for successfull life. I know that it really works because I tried it and I’mconvinced that it works.thank you for the confirmation.

  3. Hello

    Thank you for offering a simple yet effective method of changing limiting belief patterns – what I wanted to ask was is is just a case of your affirmations (over time) changing your belief structure, or is it also important to recognize the limiting beliefs you do have so that your affirmations can work on those target areas.

    I look forward to a reply and thank you again for this short and insighful video.

    Best wishes

  4. Thank you, Amanda! That was a very clear and authentic message. It is not new to me at all, but it has taken a long time to actually use it. To get out of the disbelief that says I can not do this. Now I am ready, now I am going forward. This video has contributed the last little push I needed.

  5. that was a wonderful presentation. i am going to start now-indeed i have.
    there are some few discouraging and hunting thoughts that must leave my mind and i believe with this for a number of days, they will
    thanks amanda

  6. Amanda, I am in love with this vid! It has explained very clearly some concepts I have learned from Joseph Murphy. Please allow me to share this on my website under construction. Well done.

  7. Knowing this, I am contemplating Subliminal Videos – how do subliminal recordings (audio and/or video) rate in the effectiveness of reprogramming the subconscious…?


  8. This is very interesting. I’ve been a big fan of using affirmations and visualizations together to build success for some time. I was really getting into it when I ran into the “Dunning-Kruger Effect” – google it. At this point I began to seriously doubt the “progress” I was making.

    When a person is highly competent at something they may under-rate their ability. When a person is incompetent at something they tend to over-rate their ability. The very fact that we are trying to build something into our lives that does not currently exist belies our incompetence. Any feelings of growth or attainment may be real but it is equally likely that they are illusions of competence.

    How can we say which is which? We could say “fake it till we make it” but is this not more of the same? It was a serious impediment to my use of affirmations and visualizations because I felt that I was only engaging in willful delusion at that point.

    I think these tools have power. can someone help me clear this logical block with some reasonable counter-argument so I can continue on my way?

  9. I started doing this about 3 weeks ago – and spend about 1-2 minutes a day saying them to myself in the mirror. VERY powerful to see and hear yourself saying it ! Step it up.

  10. maria gela t ruado

    so maybe whats happening to me is just the same or similar as what you said.what im doing is imagining the future what i want to become then visualize all those imaginations and you know 90 % are happening so is it same as what are you saying in the video? nice tip ill take and exercise that

  11. it was excellent video – How to Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind- i really congratulate you for such a simple yet powerful presentation
    i want to copy this video for my desktop. but i could not do it from your video. can you help me so that i can place it on my desktop and watch it without opening internet
    dr prakash shah

  12. Excellent video.
    Good to keep yourself in check, regularly.
    Take this right now and practice it and continue it throughout all next year in 2011 and see how your life changes.

  13. Dear Amanda Selby:: Thank you so much for the very interesting and useful advise you gave us in your video. I will follow your advise and I just know that I will get what I need now. May you and your family have a Blessed CHRISTMAS and a very Happy New Year. Nidia

  14. WOW is an understatement – an amazing pieces of wisdom and direction – Thank you very much.
    May the Good Lord bless you abundantly beyond your wildest dreams.

  15. That was a very nice, concise explanation on how to do the affirmations and visualizations. I had a general idea, but really thought I would have to keep the thought constantly in my mind. I am not very good at visualizing, but I will follow the advice for the next 90 days on both the affirmations and the visualization. Thank you for giving me hope again and also thank you for the clear and easy to follow explanation. God bless you for what you are doing.

  16. It’s wonderful Amanda and all the staff from amazing self…simply great, but also guys i have a question…when i try to visualize what i want i see nothing, just pitch black

    What do you recommend me guys to have powerful visualizations?



  17. Thank you for sharing this video. Lately I’ve been watching tons of videos, but I must say this one was short, sweet, sincere and to the point. Nothing I don’t know already, but a gentle nudging to get back on it (smile). Incidentally, my late teacher, Ms. Isabel Hickey gave us the same affirmation “Everyday and Everyway, My Life Gets Better and Better”…back in the early 70’s. Saying it changed my life as it helped me to change my attitude while traveling to work…in a law office, at a job I totally hated. When my teacher gave me the affirmation, I wrote it down, but thought to myself “what does she know, she’s an old Irish woman living in Watertown MA, she doesn’t know what it’s like to be a young Black woman trying to make in in NYC”. Geez! But out of desperation, I started saying the affirmation and found to my amazement that it doesn’t matter where you are, what race you are or what the circumstances happen to be…these powerful cues to the subconscious mind do work. Thanking you again for reminding me of my teacher and sharing the “good news”. Love & Light, Ayesha Grice

  18. Wow – I have heard something similar before, but with the examples you give and actually how to do the exercise, it really helps to put it into play. I’m writing my affirmations right now so that I can start practicing them today!

  19. That was an amazing presentation, but at the same time I am left feeling anxious and fearful of actually following through, doing the exercises and achieving what I want from life. Any suggestions on how to move forward with this?

  20. Thx for the video Amanda. I was wondering, how many affirmations I can do at once? One for 90 days, and then another, or I can do several for 90 days.

  21. Mohammad Asaduddin

    I learnt these techniques from other sources before. But you have simplified the process. It definetly reinforced me. Thanks.

  22. Thanks so much for your kind words of wisdom and inspiration, once again this video is so simple yet so powerful in helping people and me change my life for the better and give direction and purpose. Keep up the fantastic work.

    Cheers Mick.

  23. Dear Amanda,

    This is so nice, thank U so a guitarist and i want to see some dramatic changes in my guitar playing and music.
    biju s paul

  24. Impressed by the positivity of Amanda. The need to choose wisely was emphasised. By repetition 5 mins a day clarity of intent would be achieved. Detailed visualisation is also a powerful tool. I may make myself a “dream a reality” board, where I stick pictures or draw images of my goals.
    Fascinated by concept of building new neural pathways in brain.
    Thank you for sharing this with me.

  25. Hi Amanda, wow! so simple instructions and tips! Now I know you said it in your video very very well, easy to understand! this is what I was waiting.. I ‘m fed up with so many emails that only ends asking me to buy their product that I did not understand. . . This is great, I will tell you the results. Thank you

  26. Hi thank you so much for a very enlightening tips. I thought I have to family your words of affirmation from the first time I listened to your video! Now I have to make my own words of affirmation whatever I desire? I am blessed and grateful to Amazing Self. . .

  27. Great Video on the Subconscious. I can tell Amanda pick up alot good points from Jonh Kehoe’s mind power. Keep the info coming.

  28. I saw this video back in December 2010 but did not leave a comment. Amazing information! Reviewed my notes on what you offered, just to refresh myself again. Started my affirmations and fell off the track now back on again. That’s probably one of the main reasons we do not get our heart’s desires any sooner – we fall off the track, realize we’ve fallen, get off and start all over again or for some, they never get back up and try again. I’m not in the latter group and for those who are, get up! Let’s get going and let our subconscious minds take us to places we never dreamed possible.

    Thanks again for sharing. I appreciate you.

  29. Hi Amanda. I have been going through your works and have been on self discovery trip. How amazing these materials are! You remain a source of inspiration to me. Thanks a million times. Remain blessed.

  30. Found a great amount of truth in watching your this video. Looking forward to learning more.

    Down to earth and welcoming information/teachings. I shared this information/video with my sister.

  31. Excellent video Amanda. Using “Every day in every way I am getting better and better” is a wonderful way to reprogram the mind. As you may know, it was originated by the French psychologist Dr. Emile Coue who found that his patients DID better very quickly. I’ve used it myself and I know that it works. It not only reprograms the unconscious, but it is also an I AM statement that sets the Universe into motion to create that reality and bring it into our experience.

    I also find it very helpful to have clients watch their thoughts, because the nature of our thinking reveals our underlying unconscious beliefs. Once they see a thought that comes up, the act of becoming aware of it will change it, and the underlying belief that spawned it. One can then consciously choose to simply let go of a particular belief once it is known, which will then shift it in real time in the reality matrix.

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