Affirmations: How They Can Create Wealth And Success

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Affirmations are a powerful tool in programming your subconscious mind, and are an essential ingredient to life success. Affirmations are like textbooks, loaded with juicy information your mind can absorb, process, and learn from.

It’s about matching your dreams and desires with reality.

Check out the video I made about using affirmations to achieve great things in your life:

It talks about the different types of affirmations and how they can be harnessed to deliver real power and focus to achieving your life goals and dreams.

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Amanda Selby, Co-Founder, Amazing Self

23 thoughts on “Affirmations: How They Can Create Wealth And Success”

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    Sorry, this page does not exist.

    Believe in this work and have experienced many of the rewards. However, are you aware of you web page. The above is the response received after clicking the button “send it to me now”. Perhaps its because I’m using my phone, I have no idea but do know it is inconsistent.

  2. Hi Amanda, thank you for sharing! I’m just curious, when I choose my affirmation “IS IT FOR ONE GOAL” only for 90 days? 5 minutes once a day? thank you. . .

  3. Hi Amanda, Allow me express my gratitude for receiving your fantastic video! It was the “aha” I really needed. I’ve been SO in the zone for this past year but have somehow, just recently, allowed doubt/fear/unbelief to enter my world…man, can it get a grip on you!
    I immediately posted your video to my FB page to share with my people. Amazing Self and SOGR have both been very powerful tools for me and I plan to dive deeper into learning more. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

    “Be the Change…”

  4. Thank you Amanda. Affirmations are helping me to change my life. I say them, write them, sing them and read them everyday. I am such a different person. od bless you.

  5. It is true we become what we think about! our thoughts creates our world as they shape our lives according to what we think do, and say in our everyday life

    The more we moan the more problems we get

    The more we love, laugh the more joy and abundance we get.

  6. Hi! Amanda,
    thank you for your fabulous ideas which educate us day in day out.Let’s God bless U so that we can learn more from you

    Is me Silas from Arusha Tanzania

  7. You are simply wonderful, Amanda. You have an art of making really complex things so elementary.You make it easy for your listeners to see that affirmations work. Your three contributions are a treasure. Wish one can have the hard copies for easy offline reference anytime. Keep on it. Regard.

  8. thank you for sharing Amanda God Bless you and your family always and everyone that you shared your knowledge with .

  9. Hey Amanda.. thanks for the video. I’ve been consciously creating my life for over 35 years and have used affirmations for at least that long. I’ve found over time that there were things that I believed about myself that contradicted what I was trying to become or create, so I then had to address those beliefs, and then once those things were out of the way I was able to move forward.

    We are powerful creators and create our lives daily through our beliefs and what we tell ourselves and others but aren’t aware that we’re actually creating our reality. Doing it consciously though.. or as I call it, living life from the inside out, makes it a whole lot more fun and empowering. If you tell yourself that you are a thing long enough you will become it.

    I also find it very useful to imagine that I already am what I wish to be and to really get into what it might feel like if I was already a success in whatever I want.. whether it’s writing a book or touring Europe. I go into a light meditation and imagine what it would feel like to be, do or have what it is I am wanting, and it begins to take form and manifest in my life.
    It works every time! 🙂

  10. Hi, a very useful video,i am starting to do this and live my life. Thank you so much. God bless you in everything.Please show us more positive videos and we learn from you.

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