Combining Work and Exercise

As an internet marketer, a lot of the work that I do involves sitting down at a computer, or sitting around at a meeting table. Not a lot of opportunities for ‘on the job exercising’

So in order to keep fit (and as a result, much more energetic and productive), I play squash.

I usually get on court most days at 11am and hit either with a coach, a friend, or by myself for about an hour.

Today I decided to try combining work and exercise (I enjoy what I do, this is actually fun for me lol), by wearing my iphone and playing an audio book while I did repeated volleys and figure 8’s with the squash ball – basically hitting the ball against the wall on different angles for those who don’t know squash 🙂

I was listening to ‘The Happiness Advantage‘ which is a fantastic insight into how happiness is formed and how to raise it… and as a result, productivity and the reaching of one’s potential is further enhanced also.

In ‘The Happiness Advantage’ the author, Shaw Achor, used stories and case studies from his work and his research to explain how we can reprogram our brains and rework our lives in order to be much happier, while in the process also gaining a competitive advantage in the workplace.

I’ve done this kind of thing before, combining work with fitness, usually on an exercycle or cross trainer, while listening to business audio. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, though I thought I’d share it as an insight as to the kinds of things I do on a daily basis to keep constantly learning from others, while never forgetting to keep physically healthy.

Do you work yourself to the bone without taking time out for exercise? If you do, perhaps there are ways you can fit exercise in while gaining a competitive edge at work. For one, consistent exercise makes you more mentally alert, another is that if you learn while you exercise, you’re on a path to excellence that few people bother to take.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please post comments and suggestions of your own.

Have a great day!

Mark Ling
CoFounder of AmazingSelf

5 thoughts on “Combining Work and Exercise”

  1. Hi Mark, I like these suggestions and I also use my exercise time (walking around my block) to visualize how my business is going and what sales I would like to receive. I too find it hard to fit in exercise, whilst I’m busy working from home, but one suggestion that my Doctor gave me, is to make an appointment with yourself and block off the time, and make exercise a part of your day. You owe it to yourself!!

  2. I recently bought a standing desk, so I can stand while I work. Sitting for long hours over many years has been scientifically proven to significantly increase your risk of a heart attack etc. Office workers live much shorter lives than those who do physical work.

    In short, sitting for long hours is very unhealthy.

    Standing was hard at first for me, but is slowly getting easier and easier. It has a number of interesting side benefits too (e.g, forces you to stretch once in a while, move while you work, breathe deeply etc.).

  3. I walk in a remote area with my dogs each morning and repeat my affermations outloud while I walk. Then in the office, I use a trekdesk – the official version of board across the treadmill. You’d be amazed at how much ground you cover at 1 mph while working on the computer. Has really helped my back which was tightening up from prolonged sitting even on a balance ball chair.

  4. I take breaks from my chair and get on the mini-trampoline or glider for a short time. Sometimes, I get up and move around to an upbeat song playing in the background. Taking walks outside is always beneficial (weather permitting). I swim 3 times a week at the health club. Very nice stretching.

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